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Commercial Inspections

Our Certified Inspectors provide our clients with professional, thorough, and highly detailed commercial property inspections and reports.  We use the award winning / best-in-class report writing software called SpectoraOur meticulous Facility Condition Assessment combines data, observation inspections, photographs, and videos to comprehensively document your property’s condition.

We provide comprehensive assessments of the overall condition of a commercial property, including its structural elements, systems, and components. Inspection professionals conduct a thorough examination, utilizing a checklist that covers foundations, roofing, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, and other critical components. We identify any existing issues or potential concerns that might affect the property’s value or safety.

Home Inspections

Our home inspection services offer a complete analysis of the home’s systems and structure to determine health & integrity. We know that purchasing a home is one of the largest investments that you’ll make throughout your lifetime. With this in mind, we take care to note every detail during the home inspection process. We provide comprehensive assessments of the structural elements, foundations, roofing, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, and other critical components. We believe it’s impossible to perform a complete home inspection by sticking to the minimum standards. You deserve better from your home inspector. You deserve a qualified home inspector that will take the time to fully inspect the home. A detailed comprehensive report is provided within 24 hours of the home inspection.

commercial Inspection Services

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We Value Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We do not discuss our client’s private property or personal matters with others. Your property is for your enjoyment and we want to keep it that way. We are accustomed to non-disclosure agreements and will use them if requested.

Why Hire Us?

With all of the options you have for home inspectors, maintenance, repairs, and property checks, what makes Pintler Property Services the best to work with? Pintler Property Services is committed to serving our customers—That means you! Our business is built on trust, integrity, and ensuring you have all the information available about one of the largest investments you will make. Choosing the right home inspector can cut thousands of dollars off repair charges, give you an in-depth understanding of your home, and help you decide whether you should close a deal. We’re here to help you make sure your investment is secure!

Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on your inspector’s experience and attention to detail. With Pintler Property Services, you are getting Certified Professional Inspectors who understand the commitment you are about to make. When you hire us to inspect your new home, we guarantee that we will take care of it as if it was our own home.

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