Luxury Home Inspections

Luxury home inspections are often much more complex than an inspection on most homes. On just about every system of the house there can be multiple and different systems (some commercial systems) such as warm air and radiant heat, shingled roofs and steel roofs, multiple electrical panels, electronic gate access, in ground pools and hot tubs, high-end finishes, and every amenity that you can imagine. Luxury homes are not always built with products and methods that are widely used or understood.

Absolute confidentiality and discretion can be of additional importance to a luxury home buyer and seller.

When inspecting a luxury home the home inspector must also be dynamic in his or her knowledge and application of cutting edge inspection tools.

If you’re buying a luxury home Pintler Property Services has you covered to the highest standards of home inspection.

As a Nationally Certified Inspector I take my trade seriously. My qualifications are second to none.

I believe, it’s impossible to perform a complete home inspection by sticking to the minimum standards. You deserve better from your home inspector. You deserve a qualified home inspector that will take the time to fully inspect the home.

If a typical home inspector inspected a luxury home to a minimum standard or even to the minimum Standards of Practice (InterNACHI), that would leave the luxury home buyer with potentially a large portion of the home and/or its systems being un-inspected.

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