Commercial Building Inspections

By A Certified Professional Commercial Building Inspector

Our Certified Inspectors provide our clients with professional, thorough, and highly detailed commercial property inspections and reports.  We use the award winning / best-in-class report writing software called SpectoraOur meticulous Facility Condition Assessment combines data, observation inspections, photographs, and videos to comprehensively document your property’s condition.

We provide comprehensive assessments of the overall condition of a commercial property, including its structural elements, systems, and components. Inspection professionals conduct a thorough examination, utilizing a checklist that covers foundations, roofing, HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, and other critical components. We identify any existing issues or potential concerns that might affect the property’s value or safety. The inspection may involve visual examinations, testing, and documentation of findings.

Whether you are buying a property, getting ready to sell one, or just want to know the condition of your current property – we provide the best inspections, and industry-leading reports for properties of every type, size, and location.

Our inspections are performed in accordance with the InterNACHI-CCPIA Commercial Standards of Practice (ComSOP.)

Each building and property is unique, so we create customized commercial building inspections that fit your particular requests and business requirements. Our commercial property inspectors assess these types of buildings and more:

  • Commercial spaces: retail suites, grocery stores, shopping centers, malls, office suites, office buildings, medical suites, restaurants, etc.
  • Industrial spaces: warehouses, light assembly facilities, print shops, data centers, showrooms, cold storage buildings, etc.
  • Other spaces: schools, movie theaters, churches, worship centers, medical facilities, warehouses, etc.


(Any of these can be added or subtracted from the inspection and agreed upon prior to the inspection for a customized price/view).

– Document Review

– Site Utilities, Drainage, and Paving

– Frame, Structure, and Building Envelope

– Roof Covering and Structure

– Mechanical and Electrical Systems

– Plumbing Systems

– Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

– Life Safety/Fire Protection

– Interior Elements and Finishes

– Exterior Elements and Finishes

– Kitchen and Cooking Equipment

– Repair and Correction Recommendations

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Grocery Inspector
Commercial Inspector
Commercial Inspections
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We Value Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We do not discuss our client’s private property or personal matters with others. Your property is for your enjoyment and we want to keep it that way. We are accustomed to non-disclosure agreements and will use them if requested.