Lead Testing

If you have a property that was built prior to 1978 there is a good chance that it may contain lead-based materials. In 1978, the United States banned the use of lead-based paint for residential purposes. This ban was due to growing awareness of the health risks associated with lead exposure, particularly for children who could ingest lead paint chips or inhale lead dust. It’s important to be cautious when renovating older homes, as layers of lead-based paint may still be present underneath newer layers.

Lead in homes can be a significant health hazard, particularly when it leaches into drinking water from old pipes, fixtures, or contaminated well water. Many older homes built before the 1980s often have plumbing systems that include lead pipes or lead solder, which can corrode over time and release lead particles into the water supply. Fixtures such as faucets and fittings may also contain lead. Even wells, especially those near industrial sites or in areas with lead-containing soils, can become contaminated. Consuming lead-contaminated water poses serious health risks, including neurological damage and developmental issues, particularly in children and pregnant women. Regular testing of water, replacing old plumbing, and using certified filters can mitigate these risks.

To learn more about Lead and how it can affect your health and the health of your family the EPA has a great site.  Click the link to read more:  EPA & Lead

We sample paint, water, dust, and soil as necessary to test for lead.

All of our sampling methods follow EPA and laboratory-specific guidelines in order to ensure the most accurate results possible.

We offer stand-alone Lead Sampling Services and home inspections that incorporate lead inspections as an add-on.

If you are interested in scheduling a lead, or home inspection, or have questions reach out to us via email, call, or text.  You can also visit our Contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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testing services
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